Posted by: jottertree | September 12, 2010

Adventures from Home

Although I had originally created this blog with a travelogue in mind, I have been receiving complaints that I have not been updating it recently. I guess a Jottertree can have adventures here as well.

From 2010 Gucher Senior Year

My first few weeks of the semester have been packed with classes, activities and road trips. All my classes are excellent: interesting topics and engaging teachers. I am taking cryptology, probability, art history and drawing. I am especially excited about my cryptology and art history courses. In addition to my normal classes, I am continuing to work on my senior thesis in functional analysis, which is proving to be as challenging as ever.

I have filled all my free time with fun activities. I go contra dancing on Wednesdays in a church basement in downtown Baltimore. The church was actually founded by the founder of Goucher, and is a part of our original campus. For those of you who don’t know contra dancing, it is a mix between line dancing and square dancing. There are lots of swing-your-partners and do-si-does. My friends and I are the only regulars who are under the age of 70. There is always live music and plenty of dance partners; it’s a blast.

In addition to contra dancing, I have been hiking at Gunpowder State Park and kite flying in a nearby park. I went to a Gaelic Storm concert, to Hershey Park, and spent Labor Day weekend in Lake Placid for a wedding. On the way home from the wedding, I took a detour into Vermont to visit friends of a friend, took a shortcut that added an hour to our trip and returned home at 4:30 am in time to get a little sleep before one of my 8:30 classes that I have five days a week.

From 2010 Gucher Senior Year

So my senior year is shaping up to be a good one. I’ll try to be better about keeping you all updated as it seems there are some regular readers out there.


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