Posted by: jottertree | July 24, 2010

Columns and Colosseums

Somehow we found ourselves standing where Alexander the Great stood, and where millions of other people who died thousands of years before we were born lived their lives. We walked on the streets they walked on; we sat on the steps of their library. In their houses we examined the incredible mosaics that made up their floors and walls. Edessa, the capital of the eastern Roman empire, was amazingly preserved: an ancient city a few kilometers from a modern one.

From The Balkans 2010

The ruins in Pammukale were also impressive but it was the walk to up to this ancient city that was truly spectacular. Above the modern town are huge calcium deposits that form large pools of water saturated with calcium. It appeared from a distance to be huge drifts of snow but as we approached it became clear that it was mounds of white stone creating patterns and formations beneath the ruins. We hiked barefoot to the top of the mountain through the pools and as the streams of water flowed over our feet. Once we reached the top, we had a picnic amongst the columns and colosseums.

From The Balkans 2010

Now, after twentyfour hours of trains and ferries, we find ourselves in Istanbul with three days to explore before heading back home.


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