Posted by: jottertree | July 15, 2010


Instead of taking a bus or another train, we have decided to take the water route to Turkey. We discovered that it is possible to take a ferry from Thessaloniki down the Aegean Sea and end up in Southern Turkey. Then we can make our way back up and end up in Istanbul. The ferry leaves on Friday so we have a few days to explore Thessaloniki.

From The Balkans 2010

We just returned from a successful day trip to Edessa. Instead of the 11 hours in a train for Brasov, it was only 3 hours in a bus. Edessa was where Alexander the Great was born, and there is a spectacular waterfall right outside the town. It was the first waterfall Annette has ever seen, and it was definitely one worth seeing. It was long and roaring but it also split, merged and meandered. There are caves behind the water and views from the front.

From The Balkans 2010

Sarah Jane left me with a challenge. The challenge was to take a picture of myself doing a head stand in front of a monument. Challenge completed, Sarah Jane!

From The Balkans 2010


  1. What great posture you have!!!

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