Posted by: jottertree | July 13, 2010

Vampire Land

Romania, I am told, is vampire land. Luckily though, we managed to escape with no blood-losing encounters. One day, we decided we wanted to see Dracula’s castle. Lonely Planet’s website said this made a good day trip so off we went. We woke up at 4:30am in order to catch the train north to Brasov from Bucharest. We thought the ride could be 3 hours at most as it was only 60 miles away. We were wrong. Who knew trains could move so slowly?

From The Balkans 2010

Five and a half hours later we arrived in Brasov where we were supposed to take a bus to the castle itself. However, the last train back to Bucharest left half an hour after we arrived, so we only had time to get off, get some food and then get back on the train to make the reverse five and a half hour train ride back to Bucharest.

In Bucharest we had two hours before our train left for Sofia. We have these train tickets that allow us five non consecutive days of unlimited train travel in Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Serbia. Although these are first class seats, they are not sleeper cars so we have spent many nights sleeping sitting up.

From The Balkans 2010

In fact, last night was the first night we have spent in a real bed. We had a great meal. No one at the restaraunt spoke any English so they just brought us a table full of food. It was delicious. Then full, we returned to our rooms and had full nights sleep. It was lovely.

From The Balkans 2010

We leave Bulgaria today; we’re heading off to Greece and Sarah Jane to Paris. I’ll keep the stories coming when I can!



  1. That building in the second picture looks like a lot of fun to climb.

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