Posted by: jottertree | July 10, 2010

A city a day keeps the apples away

My ferry-train-plane experience could not have gone smoother. Before I knew it, I had arrived in Vienna and my friends Sarah Jane, Annette and David were standing there waiting for me. We took a train into downtown Vienna and began a two or three hour search for a one of my friends from Thailand. All we had was a phone number but no phone with which to dial it. After calling from a magic shop, a call shop, various pay phones and gas stations we finally got through and arrived at her dormitory in just enough time to get a room there for ourselves.

From The Balkans 2010

We spent the night and the next day exploring Vienna before hopping on an all-night bus to Belgrade, Serbia. Driving through Budapest at night was lovely with all the old buildings and bridges lit up. We watched as our bus stopped and continued on through Belgrade, and we did not get off. Finally we realized that the city we had just passed was indeed Belgrade; the drivers luckily stopped the bus and called us a taxi so we could return to the city. After buying an overnight train ticket to Bucharest for that night, we began to explore the Belgrade. Belgrade was a charming city with large parks, pedestrian-only streets, cathedrals and fortresses.

From The Balkans 2010

At four o’clock we had been wandering for nearly nine hours and were ready to board our next train. Every hour or so someone would come by and look at our tickets or passports. When customs came by to enter Romania, they determined we weren’t smuggling anything but began pulling the siding off the walls outside our compartment. Inside the walls were bottles of some form of alcohol. This apparently was not okay, and they began pulling off more siding on the inside and the outside of the train. I don’t think they found anything else but the compartment next to ours was chained and padlocked for the duration of the ride.

From The Balkans 2010

Now here we are in Bucharest. We have a train to visit Dracula’s castle tomorrow at 5:46 am, and now are ready to begin exploring the city.


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