Posted by: jottertree | July 7, 2010

Thoughts from the Train

Norway is poetry that I don’t know how to write. It’s mountains and oceans and towns. It’s magic and nobility and reality. The mountains forbid our passage while bleeding streams and clinging to their snow from the winter as a warning sign. They may be forbidden but we uncoil our ropes and arrange our gear. We strap on helmets and harnesses; we lace on shoes of leather and rubber that mold perfectly to the shape of our feet. Then we climb. Belay ledge after ledge, we ascend higher and higher up the faces of these majestic giants and once we reach the top, our own faces touch the sky. Triumphant songs of glee melt the snow as we hug the earth.

From Norway Part 2

We descend the mountains to the oceans equally forbidden. The water turquoise near the white sand beaches but this water is liquid ice spilling from the fjords cut deep between the mountain. The water turns black in its depths. Here the jellies roam silently, gliding with the smoothness of a gentle breeze moving the tall grasses of the meadow. But here the fish have teeth and tear apart the beautiful jellies and leave the remnants to float to sea.

From Norway Part 2

Dark clouds roll down the mountains bridging the gap between the earth and sky, and when the sun shines the world glows. The bright colored fishing villages sing in their vibrancy. This is a land of trolls and of the lupine lady, of fishermen, painters and climbers. This is a land of poetry but I’m more a girl of prose.

From Norway Part 2


  1. Jenn – your prose IS poetry. Thanks for the photos and musings. I feel like I’m there.
    xoxo Lisa

  2. Norway is a poetry that you have written! You are amazing Jenn, thank you thank you. Hugs to you& we can’t wait to have you back on the River next month! Love- Sarah

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