Posted by: jottertree | June 28, 2010

A day in the life

I don’t have many stories to tell. Our days here are similar from one to the next. We wake up and assess the state of the roads because dry roads equals dry rock. As often as it is dry, it is drizzly and wet in which case we wait for the clouds to clear and the roads to dry before setting out to climb.

From Norway Part 1

We have had a few spectacularly sunny days but more are overcast. The landscape remains unbelievable whatever the weather. Of all the days here, there has only been one where it stayed wet to the point where we couldn’t climb all day.

From Norway Part 2

With 24 hours of sun, we have great flexibility of when we climb. We can get up late and climb at night or climb in the morning and go to bed early. It all works out.

From Norway Part 2

At night, if there is sun, we wander the town taking photographs and generally appreciating the amazing landscape we are inhabiting here on the Lofoten Islands. The following picture is of our group (without me of course) looking over the town of Henningsvaer where we are staying and was taken at close to midnight. True midnight sun.

From Norway Part 1


  1. i’m almost sobbing from the memories of the summers (and winters) we spent up there. DONT FORGET TO DO SVOLVAERGEITA! think of me when you sip beer at Klaetrekafeet in henningsvaer.


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