Posted by: jottertree | June 20, 2010

Team Low-Foe-10

The Lofoten Islands are nothing short of breathtaking. I feel like I have said that a lot lately about a lot of places but, what can I say?, I’ve been a lot of beautiful places recently. This is a different kind of beautiful though. This is not lush cloud forests or white sand beaches. This is not the bucolic hills of home or islands at the river. This is a land that is harsh in its beauty. There are few trees, and most that have taken root live their lives as little more than shrubs. The cliffs rise out of the ocean in steep mountains daring anyone to try to get to the top. The ocean beats against the shore, whether it is shear cliffs or white sand beaches. The water transforms from formidable grey to shocking aquamarine as it reaches the beaches. The towns are filled with small brightly colored houses. They stand out among the endless grey of the landscape. We are truly in the land of the midnight sun; it is the same brightness at midnight as it is at noon. I find this exceedingly disconcerting. This endless light steals away any sense of time.

From Norway

The climbing has been magnificent. Besides good rock and fun climbs, the views from the varying vantage points are awesome. We can see the mountains and islands and fjords. Luckily, we have thus far been able to escape any significant rain but then again we are only on day two here in the islands. Although there has been little rain, there has been a lot of cold and a lot of wind. It’s like late fall, you can see snow on the mountains and feel the snow just waiting on the air. We are told it is supposed to warm up in the next few days, so we are hoping. We can survive cold and wind, so for now we climb with cold fingers.

From Norway

Our group is great. We have five people on this expedition: Team Low-Foe-10. Our team includes my friend Colin, his uncle and aunt, Jim and Lucie, their friend Michelle and me. We have stupendous meals eaten around our huge dining room table in our lovely pink house. There are four bedrooms, two living rooms, two mudrooms, a dining room, kitchen and bathroom. In the mudroom we found a bb gun and a corduroy jacket which would be cute and fit me if it weren’t for the puffy sleeves! During the day Lucie paints while the other four of us climb, once we return from our days activities we cook dinner and hang out until we remember that it isn’t going to get dark so we should go to bed.

From Norway

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